My summer and website launch
Written by Brad Marchand    Friday, 21 September 2012 10:06   

Hi everyone thanks for visiting my official website.  I'm excited to be able to launch my official website and be able to interact with our fans.  I’ll be doing a blog to discuss some behind the scenes events that are happening in “Brad’s corner”.  You can also send me questions which I’ll answer, as well as post photos in the “fan zone”.   You can also check for my upcoming appearances in the “event” area and a ton of Bruins news in the “news” section.  We’ve added a nice selection of on ice and off ice photos to check out in the “media” section.  You can also access some cool wallpaper in the “fan zone”.

As you all know by now, we lost in the first round of the playoffs to Washington in 7 games.  It was a tough and disappointing series as we all wanted to repeat the magic of the previous spring.  I spent a few weeks just chilling out in Boston then went on a great vacation in Bora Bora and stayed in same resort featured in the movie Couples Retreat.  It was pretty cool snorkeling right outside our room and just like in the movie, there were sharks in the water but they were harmless.  Most of the early part of summer was spent back and forth between home in Nova Scotia and Boston area.  The most exciting thing that happened in the summer was finalizing a new deal with the Bruins to play here for at least 4 more years.  I want to thank everyone in the Bruins organization and my agent for making this happen.  We’ve got such a great core group of guys and it was nice to see the other guys also get new deals.

Brad Marchand Official Website

I did a lot of training this summer in preparation for the upcoming season.  I’ve been training with the same group for years now back home and they really push me to be the best that I can be.  I went on an unbelievable moose hunting trip with my dad for 10 days in a remote part Newfoundland.  It was amazing to discover how smart the moose were with their senses and ability to detect people.  Our guide was a real pro.  I was able to shoot a 1000 pounder with a bow.  I’ll post some photos in my photo section.  I also went shark fishing off the waters of my parent’s house in Nova Scotia.  This was equally as fun.  I went with my dad, brother, and good buddy Andy Bodnarchuk.  I caught a 6’9” blue shark.  Fishing for blue sharks was cool.  My dad actually got bit by one on his finger trying to get it into the boat, and needed almost 2 dozen stitches.  He got bit down to the bone and nearly had his finger bit off.  We let them go after catching them.

As of the site launch you all know that there is currently a lockout.  Everyone is bummed out about it and we hope to get back to playing real soon.  I am especially excited to play again in front of the greatest fans in the NHL. 

Thanks for checking out my official site and check back soon for more updates.